5 Legit Websites To Buy Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets

cheap toronto raptors tickets

5 Legit Websites To Buy Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets

Have you ever watched a Raptors game and wondered how you too can find tickets to see a game at Scotiabank Arena?

You see in addition to telling you exactly where you can go (today) to buy the cheapest available Toronto Raptors tickets I will also share the following:

  • A 5 Step Formula for finding the cheapest/safest websites to purchase Raptors tickets. This formula eliminates the need to waste your time searching 1000’s of ticket sites.
  • What’s the difference between Primary Market and Secondary Market tickets. Not knowing this could result in you losing untold amounts of money on bad ticket deals.
  • The only website that sells Primary Market Raptors tickets. This is potentially your cheapest option for tickets. Section 1.
  • How an afternoon of planning can save you money by avoiding unnecessary services fees. Section 1.
  • The website that allows you to compare Primary Market vs Secondary Market ticket prices on one page. This allows you to determine which deals are solid vs the ones that should be avoided. Section 2.
  • A tactic that gives you an advantage over the ticket brokers who are eager to sell their tickets at rock bottom low prices. Section 3.
  • A website that will charge you $0 in service fees. Section 3.
  • The “set and forget” method for scoring tickets at the exact price that you are willing to pay. Section 4 and 5.
  • How one website helps you differentiate the horrible ticket deals from the most desirable.
  • An internet browser extension that automatically finds money-saving coupons and applies the discount during your checkout. Bonus section.

Look it doesn’t matter if you’ve been to countless games or this will be your first, as you can see from above after reading this guide you will come away with a better understanding of how Raptors tickets work than anyone else you know!

I’ve bought and sold tickets to sporting events for the better part of my life so I am definitely qualified to help you. Every word of this guide is true and has taken me 15+ years to discover exactly what I am going to reveal to you.

Alright enough small talk, let’s talk Raptors tickets!

Primary Market Tickets vs. Secondary Market Tickets

Before telling you where to find the best deals on Toronto Raptors tickets, I’ve got to explain the difference between the Primary Market and Secondary Market. Failing to understand the difference could cost you lots of money!

Primary Market Tickets

The Primary Market tickets are tickets that are sold by the team, arena or stadium. If possible this is the first place you want to look for tickets, because these are potentially the cheapest they will ever get. Knowing the original price of the tickets will allow you to determine whether or not a deal is good if you have to purchase Secondary Market tickets. More about those in a second.

In general, Primary Market ticket prices do not fluctuate. Once this original price is set by the team it remains that price regardless of whether the event is popular or not.

Primary Market tickets also go by the name “Face Value” tickets. Face Value refers to the price that is stamped on the ticket.

Secondary Market Tickets

Secondary Market tickets are tickets that are being resold.

Essentially someone has purchased tickets from the Primary Market (the team, arena, stadium, etc) and now they are reselling those tickets to you. Typically at a higher price than what they paid!

Unlike the Primary Market, Secondary Market tickets do fluctuate. You rarely ever pay the face value that is stamped on the ticket because the seller wants to make a profit.

If someone refers to tickets as “resell” or “scalped” they are referring to Secondary Market tickets.

All that being said Secondary Market tickets shouldn’t be immediately dismissed. When a game is played during a weekday or if many people aren’t interested in going you will find that Secondary Market ticket prices will often drop below the face value price.

Now that you know the difference between Primary and Secondary Market tickets, I’ll show you where to buy cheap Toronto Raptors tickets.

5 Websites To Find Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets

Below I will reveal to you the 5 safest websites to purchase Toronto Raptors tickets. While there are literally 1000s of other ticket websites I find these to be the most reliable and generally best options for anyone seeking the cheapest available Raptors tickets.

1. Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets on Ticketmaster (Primary Market)

The first place to look for cheap Toronto Raptors tickets is Ticketmaster. Raptors tickets sold here are considered Primary Market tickets.

You can purchase Raptors tickets from Ticketmaster in 3 ways:

  1. Online at Ticketmaster
  2. By phone. You can call the Scotiabank Arena Box office at
    +1 416-815-5500 or call Ticketmaster at (800) 653-8000
  3. At the Scotiabank Arena Box Office located at 40 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2X2, Canada
One of the benefits of purchasing Raptors tickets from the Box Office is you do not pay service fees. Unlike the box office, tickets purchased online or over the phone will however come with service fees.

Pros of buying from Ticketmaster

  • You are buying Primary Market tickets, essentially the cheapest you will find.
  • Save even more money by purchasing tickets at the box office because there are no fees included there.
  • Ticketmaster offers refunds if your event is postponed, canceled or rescheduled. They also offer “ticket insurance” in the event you cannot make an event, you receive a refund.
  • If you purchased tickets and later see better seats you can upgrade using the money you spent on the original tickets. There are some stipulations, but in general, as long as your new pair of tickets are the same price or higher than the originals it is ok to upgrade.

Cons of buying from Ticketmaster

  • Tickets generally do not fluctuate. If tickets are not selling, the price on Primary Market tickets will essentially stay the same.

2. cheap Toronto Raptors tickets on Ticketmaster (Secondary Market)

If the box office runs out of Raptors tickets, you can simply log BACK on to Ticketmaster because, in addition to Primary Market Tickets, they also sell Secondary Market tickets.

I’ll show you a screenshot to give you a better understanding.

Ticketmaster Resell Tickets

Ticketmaster distinguishes Primary and Secondary Market tickets in 2 ways; the color of the dot and the wording in the list to the right.

Anytime you see a blue dot this signifies that it is a Primary Market Ticket. It is sold by the venue. Pink dots are Secondary Market Tickets, meaning a fan is selling them.

If you see Verified Ticket From “team name”, this is a Primary Market Ticket. Meanwhile anytime you see the word “resell” this tells you this is a Secondary Market Ticket.

Pros of buying Secondary Market Tickets from Ticketmaster

  • Because Ticketmaster groups both Primary and Secondary Market Tickets on the same page you can easily compare the two to better understand if you are getting a good deal.
  • More and more fans are choosing to sell tickets via Ticketmaster so the Secondary Market tickets here are very competitive.
  • Tickets are essentially guaranteed because they are immediately transferred to your Ticketmaster account.
  • Having tickets transferred to your Ticketmaster account makes it easy to access tickets. You can print the pdf (if available) or have your ticket scanned from your phone.

Cons of buying Secondary Market Tickets from Ticketmaster

  • The only cons are the service and processing fees at checkout.

3. Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets on Tickpick (Secondary Market)

Tickpick is another option for cheap Raptors tickets.

The thing that I love most about Tickpick is they do not charge any fees to buyers. And when I say “any fees” I MEAN ZERO!

Buyers pay ZERO fees on Tickpick.

Another way to score cheap Toronto Raptors tickets is by using Tickpick’s bidding feature.

Essentially you pick the number of tickets, where you’d like to sit and name your price per ticket. If a seller likes your offer, Tickpick will notify you that your bid was accepted.

Doubtful that I’ll get these 100 Level tickets for $5, but no harm in trying!

Pros of buying from Tickpick

  • Buyers pay NO fees. The price you see is what you pay.
  • The bidding feature allows you to name your price. Set a ridiculously low price for lower-level seats and see if a seller bites.
  • Tickpick’s guarantee promises to refund or provide you with comparable tickets should there be a cancellation of your event or anything else go wrong with your order.

Cons of buying from Tickpick

  • You must wait until the seller transfers the ticket to your Ticketmaster account if its a digital-only ticket. If you are buying last minute tickets, hopefully, the seller is on top of his emails and ready to transfer the ticket to your Ticketmaster account as soon as you purchase. If you are buying a pdf ticket from Tickpick, then this is not an issue.

4. Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets On Stubhub (Secondary Market)

Your next option for Raptors tickets is at Stubhub.

In most cases, Stubhub cannot match the ticket prices of the options above, however, they do have solid customer service, a brand that people trust and the Price Alert feature.

The Price Alert allows you to set the price you are willing to pay and once/if tickets match your price, you will receive an email.

Pros of buying from Stubhub

  • Great customer service
  • Strong brand. They have been around for nearly 25 years
  • The Price Alert feature
  • The Stubhub Promise states that they will refund or provide you with similar tickets if there is a cancellation or some other problem with your tickets.

Cons of buying from Stubhub

  • The price you initially see does not include fees. Be sure to set your filters to “Show prices with estimated fees” to see the total price.
  • Just like Tickpick, when you purchase Toronto Raptors tickets from Stubhub you must wait until the seller transfers ticket to your Ticketmaster App if its a digital ticket. Again if the ticket is a pdf then, you won’t have an issue.
  • Typically a little more expensive than Ticketmaster’s Secondary Market Tickets or even Tickpick.

5. Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets on Seatgeek (Secondary Market)

Seatgeek is a resell ticket site that collects the best deals from other ticket resell sites and brings them to you.

Another unique Seatgeek feature is their rating system. They use a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being the highest as well as colored dots. The greener the dot the better the deal.

Price-wise if I had to compare Seatgeek with another Secondary Market site, Stubhub would be a close comparison. The only difference is the Seatgeek website design is less “busy” than Stubhub making it easier to navigate IMO.

Pros of buying from Seatgeek

  • This site is beautiful and easy to navigate.
  • The green dots really make you feel like you are getting an awesome deal.
  • Their rating system helps you to distinguish the good deals from the bad.
  • Like Stubhub, Seatgeek also has a Price Alert feature.
  • SeatGeek’s guarantee will either refund your tickets or provide a comparable pair if anything goes wrong with your order.

Cons of buying from Seatgeek

  • More expensive Secondary Market tickets than Ticketmaster or Tickpick.
  • After purchasing, you must wait until your seller transfers the tickets to your Ticketmaster app if tickets are digital.

Bonus Tip: Automatic Coupon Codes To Save You Money on Cheap Toronto Raptors Tickets

Honey Browser Extension
$10 saved with Honey on this purchase.

Lastly, if you want to save even more on tickets consider downloading the free browser extension called Honey.

The way it works is once you arrive at a checkout page, Honey will surf the internet in search of money-saving promo codes. Once it finds one, it automatically applies the discount to your order. It’s that simple.

Honey works on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge


There are literally 1000s of ticket sites out there, but don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to search them all. Despite the different web design, the tickets and prices on these sites are nearly identical.

To be honest all you need to search for regarding cheap Toronto Raptors tickets is Ticketmaster, Tickpick, Stubhub, and Seatgeek. If you cannot find a deal you like after searching these sites, you likely won’t find tickets any cheaper elsewhere.

Lastly, be sure to bookmark this page if you need Raptors tickets in the future. I’ve included links to each of the websites mentioned in this article to make your next search for tickets even more streamlined.

  1. Ticketmaster (primary and secondary tickets
  2. Tickpick (secondary tickets)
  3. Stubhub (secondary tickets)
  4. Seatgeek (secondary tickets)

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